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C线(7天拉萨-江孜-日喀则-珠峰-樟木7日游):7-day Lhasa to Kathmandu Overland Tour
行程编号:    行程天数:7
当月价格:¥6720 元 【已有33人预定】
住宿标准:拉萨常用:亚宾馆、西藏庄园、新满斋; 日喀则常用:神湖酒店、藏巴酒店、亚宾馆; 珠峰常用:寺院招待所、帐篷; 樟木常用:樟木宾馆、财缘酒店、合家宾馆 纳木错常用: 帐篷宾馆

Day 1 Arrive in Lhasa by plane or by train

You are warmly welcome to Tibet by saying Tashi Delek at the Train station/airport by our professional employee and send you to reserved hotel in Lhasa. Then have a good rest to acclimatize the high altitude in the afternoon.

Overnight at Lhasa

Meals included: ——

Hotel:Mandala  Hotel(or other similar Hotel


Day 2 Lhasa Sightseeing: Potala Palace/ Jokhang Temple/Barkhor Street (B,D)

Morning section to visit the famous Potala palace and explore the grandest of this myriad chapels. Afternoon we will visit the holist temple in Tibet, the Johkang Temple, and at Barkor Kora,which is the most famous Kora in Tibet,we can buy Tibentan traditional or religious things.

Overnight at Lhasa

Meals included: Breakfast & Dinner

Hotel:Mandala Hotel(or other similar Hotel


Day 3 Lhasa Sightseeing: Drepung Monastery/ Sera Monastery (B)

Today, we will visit two important monasteries in Lhasa, the Drepung and the Sera.If we are very lucky,we may even come acrossSera Monastery’s Monks debiting which was held in the courtyard at around 3;00-5:30 in the afternoon.

Overnight at Lhasa

Meals included: Breakfast

Hotel:Mandala Hotel(or other similar Hotel



Day 4 Lhasa/Yamdrotso lake/Gyangtse/ Shigatse (B)

Passing by the green farmland of Nyangchu Valley, Yamdro-tso lakes, karo-la glacier roadside at 4960m, We move westwards to the second biggest city Shigatse, where spiritually hosted by Pamchan Lama. And in Gyantse, Kubum monastery is also a famous monastery which could not be missed.

Overnight at Shigatse

Meals included: Breakfast

Hotel:Tsangba Hotel(or other similar Hotel


Day5: Shigatse/ Lhatse/ Tingri (Shegar)/Tingri/ Rongphu Monastery(B)

In the morning, we will visit the largest Monastery in west Tibet, the Tashilunpo monastery.Then drive westwards the Friendship way to Tingri. When we reach E.B.C, If it is in clear weather, we can have a glimpse of 4 mountains which are 8000m high or more,

Overnight at Rongphu Monastery Tent or Guest House

Meals included: Breakfast

Hotel: Tent or Guest House

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Day6: Rongphu Monastery/Evrest Base Camp/Old Tingri

Early in the morning before sun rise on the top of Mt, Everest, you can have a full view the magnificent Mt. Everest standing like a snow-capped pyramid in front of you at Rongpuk, which is the vantage point for watching Mt. Everest. Rongphu Monastery is the highest temple in the world. To Everest Base camp, there are tow choices (1: trekking from tent to base camp 4/km one way. 2: you can choose the mini bus from tent to base camp.) If you choose the trekking then around 6am in the morning our tour guide will lead you. When you arrived, you can enjoy the time to view the Mt, Everest beauty. Then come back to tent and tour guide will take you to take visit Mt, Everest. After that our tour guide will lead you to Rongbuk Monastery. Then drive back to the main road(318 national high way). On the way to Old Tingri。 After 3 to 4 hours driving, we will reach Old Tingri and spend night here.  The accommodation at Old Tingri is quite basic, the altitude is around 4500m.

Meals included: ——

Hotel: Snow leopard Hotel (or other similar Hotel


Day07: Old Tingri to Zhangmu, Nepal Border (Friendship Bridge)

In early morning, our guide and drive will take you to Zhangmu and drive on the Friendship Highway G318 again. It will be 5 to 6 hours driving from Old Tingril to Zhangmu.

The altitude and atmosphere of Zhangmu is 2300 m. When you arrive at there, our tour guide will drop you off at the border bridge, You are kindly required to hike on your own to cross the border bridge which is 50ms long, then check in Nepal side, you can get the Nepal visa upon arrival with 30USD, please prepare one photo at passport size to get Nepal Visa. Next step, you need to find a car or bus towards Kathmandu, 50ms ahead from border bridge,dezens of car or bus are parking here to pick up travelers;3000 Nepali Rupee for a taxi rental to Kathmandu(50USD) , 50 Nepali Rupee(Appro.1USD) for a bus seat.End tour at Nepalese Border.

Meals included:Breakfast



Services Included

1. Tibet Entry Permit and Alien's travel Permit

2. Transport

- Transfer between airport/train station and Lhasa city

- Lhasa City transportation, Tourist Vehicle according to Group size

-Lhasa-Gyantse-Shigatse-EBC-Zhangmu, Tourist Vehicle according to spring/summer/autumn,

3. Admission fee of all tourist sites in itinerary

4. Environment friendly local bus between Rongpuk and EBC

5. Professional Tibetan English speaking tour guide

6. Oxygen provided while travelling to EBC

7. Hot water bottle and sleeping bag provided in winter while travelling to EBC

8. Travel Agency Service Charge

9. Tourist Accident/Casualty Insurance;


- Economy Hotel sharing twin room with breakfast buffet in Lhasa and Shigatse;

Hotel in Lhasa:Lhasa Mandala Hotel(or other similar Hotel )

Hotel in Shigatse: Tsangba Hotel(or other similar Hotel )

TEL: 0892-8669888FAX:0892-8667888

Address:Shigatse,RenbuRoad ,No.9

- Tent or Guest House at Rongpuk

- 2-star facility accommodation sharing twin room with Chinese style breakfast in Old Tingri

Hotel in Old Tingri: Snow leopard Hotel(or other similar Hotel )


11. One welcome Dinner in Lhasa


Services Excluded

1. Lunches and Dinners

2. Tips to driver and tour guide, Tip as you wish

3. Breakfast at Rongpuk

4. Other personal expense


Optional Service: Our company provide Kodari(Nepal border) to Kathmandu private transfer service at 180USD/car, if you need, please ask it from your travel advisor.

1 外国入藏函、旅行证
2 西藏段所有用车(常用车型:丰田4500、7-9 座瑞风商务、19 座中巴、25 座中巴)
3 行程所列景点门票
4 优秀藏族英语导游
5 哈达、氧气、矿泉水
6 全程住宿:
拉萨常用:亚宾馆、西藏庄园、新满斋; 日喀则常用:神湖酒店、藏巴酒店、亚宾馆;
珠峰常用:寺院招待所、帐篷; 樟木常用:樟木宾馆、财缘酒店、合家宾馆
纳木错常用: 帐篷宾馆
7 拉萨特色藏餐欢迎晚宴一次
8 机场/火车站,接送:
接机时间段为: 上午11:00-12:00 之间抵达的航班;下午14:30-15:30 之前抵达的航班
送机时间段为: 上午10:30 离开酒店前往机场(送12:30-15:00 期间的航班)
下午13:00 离开酒店前往机场(送15:00 以后的航班)
若机场接送不在规定的时间段内,则收取350 元/趟接送费用;
9 游客人身意外保险

1, 中餐、晚餐; 珠峰/纳木错早餐
2, 导游、司机小费
3, 往返大交通
4, 个人其它消费
5.单房差, 我社不强行征收单房差, 若有单人,我社将会安排客人拼房或住三人间; 但不考虑性别差异、年龄差异和国籍差异

1 至少提前15 天订团,如有临时增加人数情况,需要及时联系我社咨询具体情况;
2确认接待计划后需支付我社旅行费用的30%作为团队定金以便我社办理相应入藏手续,一经确认,定金不退;余款需团队结束前1 周内付清;
3 如果因政策原因无法办出入藏函, 退还全部定金
高原反应:有高血压、心脏病、哮喘病患者不适宜进藏旅游,不要带着感冒进藏。由于西藏地处高原,进藏前请谨记 “慢慢走,少开口,多睡觉,别喝酒,防感冒”。有需要的游客,请提前备好防高原反应药品,如红景天等。如高原反应较重者,需提前准备好小氧气瓶。建议购买高原险。

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